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Due to the expansion of business, we are looking for the following positions:

There are many assembly technicians, winding technicians and stamping workers

1. Male, aged from 18 to below 40. Technical school or above, major in mechanical, electromechanical, electrical, numerical control, etc.

2, diligent and practical, love learning, can bear hardships and stand hard work.

Three welders

1. Male, aged 18-40 or below, diploma from technical secondary school or technical school. Gas shielded welding or argon arc welding. Hold valid welding certificate.

2, diligent and practical, no bad habits. Ability to read drawings is a plus

One quality engineer

1. Male or female, college degree or above, major in mechanical or electrical is preferred.

2. Familiar with ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 quality management system standards, with IRIS quality management system management experience is preferred. Have the qualification certificate of internal auditor.

3. Proficient in operating and using various office software, and preparing courseware.

4. Good communication and coordination skills, strong sense of responsibility and quality awareness.

5. More than two years of quality management experience.

Overall accounting 1 (salary negotiable)

1. Bachelor degree or above, with certificate of accounting professional, more than three years of experience as an accountant in an industrial enterprise.

2. Familiar with the latest national fiscal and tax policies and regulations.

3. Careful and meticulous work, flexible mind, strong sense of responsibility, able to work under pressure, willing to work with the company for long-term development.

Welcome the outstanding fresh graduates at the same time! The company provides a broad promotion platform and development space!

Promotion space: vice monitor, monitor. Design engineer, quality control, etc.


1. Salary composition = basic salary + full attendance bonus + academic degree allowance + post allowance + performance bonus + year-end bonus + housing subsidy (no dormitory)

Piece rate system, more work more get. Comprehensive salary: 4,000-5,500

2. Changbai class, four-person dormitory and working meal.

3, to pay social security. Enjoy national statutory holidays and holiday benefits;

4. Free travel for employees who have completed the probation period twice a year; The annual outstanding employee will be rewarded with one free trip in addition to cash reward;

5. Work continuously for more than half a year; A one-time bonus of 30,000 yuan for 5 years of continuous work, plus an additional subsidy of 500 yuan per month; After 10 years, the subsidy is 1000 yuan per month.

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