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Culture idea

Enterprise tenet: advanced technology, standard management, fine manufacturing, continuous improvement, customer satisfaction

Corporate philosophy: act with conscience and speak with strength.

Corporate ethics: do not do evil small, not good small and not for.

Enterprise spirit: unity, hard work, forge ahead, innovation, not hard work

Enterprise style: serious, said to do

Cultural construction

1. "do and play"

Changyuan people in the work to adhere to a serious, said to do style. Each task will be completed according to its quality and quantity. Work time can not complete the task, after work time will adhere to finish. No tardiness, no arrears.

After work, changyuan people have the opportunity to participate in the company's rich entertainment activities. For example, mountaineering, swimming, basketball competition, tug-of-war competition, as well as every year and festivals organized by the company song and dance, dinner, large evening party, etc. Through these activities, the cohesion and team spirit of changyuan people have been enhanced. We unite and advance together, all zhicheng cheng, together for our goal of changyuan endeavour.

2. Improve employees' enthusiasm with the competition mechanism and carry out the survival of the fittest.

"One swallow does not make a summer", the development of the enterprise depends on the dedication of every employee and continuous improvement and innovation. The company will regularly organize a variety of targeted learning and examination, to promote the progress of each employee, and reward the excellent performance. At the same time, for the company's various positions, the company also adopts the survival of the fittest, capable of the way. Stimulated by the competition mechanism, changyuan people continuously enhance their own ability, and also improve the competitiveness of enterprises.