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Address:No. 16, wangjiachong road, xingsha, economic and technological development zone, changsha city
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Changsha changyuan transformer co., LTD., founded in August 2005, is located at no.16 wangjiachong road, national economic and technological development zone, changsha, hunan province. Huanghua international airport is only 6 km away; (Beijing, Hong Kong and Macao) expressway 5 km; Changsha high-speed railway south station 12 km. The company is adjacent to the east 12 road scenic belt park, from changsha renmin road subway station is only 1 km. The company has an independent park covering an area of 38 mu. Planning and construction of the park: one multi-functional apartment on the 6th floor of 1512 square meters; 4028 square meters 6 floors of independent office building; 45,81.6 square meters multi-functional 6-storey factory building; Standard steel structure factory building of 5,500 square meters; Standard steel structure factory building of 3000 square meters 2. The first phase of the park has completed the construction of a 5,500-square-meter standard steel structure factory building and a 4,028-square-meter 6-floor independent comprehensive office building. A multi-functional apartment on the 6th floor of 1512 square meters. The company's current office, production, living space is bright and spacious, clean, complete facilities. The company is mainly engaged in the development and manufacture of urban rail vehicles, trunk line locomotives, buses and various power dry transformers and reactors. The company has 100 employees and 20 engineers. The main personnel have long been engaged in product research and development, testing, manufacturing and management in national research institutions, and have successfully operated and managed sino-foreign joint ventures in economically developed areas, with strong research and development strength and quality assurance capabilities.

Enterprise honor

The company has maintained long-term friendly cooperative relations with many famous companies at home and abroad, and its main customers include CRRC group, BOMBAEDIER company, ALSTOM company, Hong Kong MTR corporation, mitsubishi electric, naval engineering college, broad group and so on. Design and manufacturing of transformer and reactor products are successfully applied to Renaissance, emu, harmonious, emu, Hong Kong, Tehran metro projects, China's two hundred kilometers of subway quasi high speed project, the national grand theatre, the domestic line 4 main trunk line, such as Beijing and other major projects, product performance is stable, deeply trusted by customers and praise.

For the first time, the company is a designer and manufacturer of auxiliary power transformer and reactor products exported to Hong Kong through international bidding.

The first company in China that has been certified by BOMBAEDIER to be a supplier of magnetic components for rail transit.

The designer of the main traction transformer of the first commercial emus in China.

Design and manufacture of the first bus auxiliary power dry transformer in China.

It has successfully passed the quality management audit of ALSTOM and become a qualified supplier of ALSTOM. At present, the four locomotive project products provided for it have passed the foreign technical certification.